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Delhi Belly – I

Humayun's Tomb, Delhi

After 11 years of visiting Delhi, I finally managed to take a tour of Delhi that I liked…A Foodie Tour… of all the roadside joints Delhi is famous for. And boy was it a tour…proof of how awesome it was can be found in the fact that it left me with a Delhi Belly…the literal rather than the connotative type.

Chole Bhatura at Bengal Sweets

Falooda Kulfi @ Bengal Sweets

The food comprised of all the possible goodies that one could imagine. From sweets, to samosas, from bhaturas to parathas. We ate them all. At Sarojini Nagar we had these amazing Moong Dal ke Pakodas. Its this crispy outside, soft inside pakoda which is served with grated radish and mint chutney. Truly great soul food.

Urad Dal Pakodas @ Sarojini Nagar

Urad Dal Pakodas

To top it off we stayed at my Sister in laws place and God bless her, she is a great cook. So if we got fed up of the Delhi type eats we came home to moist carrot cake with orange laced cream cheese icing, walnut cookies, dark, luscious brownies and Provencal stews.

Carrot cake with Orange Cream Cheese topping

Walnut cookies

The delights of Delhi were so many and so varied that to do it justice I have to spread it over a couple of posts…so look out for Part II of Delhi Belly

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