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The Biere Club

The Biere Club, Bangalore

On a holiday to Bangalore to visit my best friend Meena…and I was having a super great time. Great company, serpentine trips on nostalgia lane, giggle fests, shopping and some good natured bitching!!!!!  On one such day, a balmy afternoon we decided to do the Bangaluru thing and hit the pubs….

The Biere Club

First port of call was the Biere Club on Vittal Malayya Road. They call themselves Bangalores first craft brewery…craft brewery as in small brewery which produces quality beer in small quantities. I quote. They were established for the sole purpose of giving beer its due in our country…:-) They brew their own set of ale, lager, wheat and stout.

The menu

Anyway…after that little bit of general knowledge…let me get back to my introduction to the place. We went there as I said on a balmy afternoon…not being much of a beer drinker, I was not particularly enthusiastic about the plan, but Meena’s husband Raju’s (a beer aficionado if there ever was one) enthusiasm buoyed us all along.  So in we went into this tasteful done up joint and placed our order with a very pleasant and informative waiter. We choose to have a stout, a lager and a wheat (for the life of me I didn’t know that there was beer called wheat!!!!) Sorry for sounding like an ignoramus….we were told that they had herb flavoured wheat and being the adventurer I decided to try the Orange and coriander Belgium wheat. The bit of time between the order and the serve was spent looking over the brewery which is in full view right behind the bar!!! (which had me super excited!!!!).

Meena and Raju waiting

Our drinks arrived and my first sip had me hooked onto my wheat!!! can’t get over that!!! It was unlike any other beer I had tasted…though my repertoire is not very impressive. So we sipped our amazing beers in a casual yet stylish ambiance that set the tone for the rest of the evening….The Biere Club is a must visit joint for anyone in Bangalore.

The Special Mural

The good stuff

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