Poorna Market III

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A market is only as interesting as the people who inhabit it…and Poorna Market is indeed a mixed bag of characters. Here is a family of basket weavers sitting outside their home cum shop.

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A small boy from the basket weaver family. His name is Kishore and he was a real sweet heart.

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An old lady sweeping the backyard in the basket weavers lane.

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A vegetable lady who was very curious as to why I wanted to take her photographs. Her skin is yellow because of the turmeric she has applied to her skin as part of a purification process…

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Samudri Amma…or as she says Sundhari amma…she was so curious and happy to pose for photographs…I think she is beautiful…

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Details of the nose ring worn by Samudhri Amma…very pretty…

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Another vegetable seller. When I asked her to pose for a photograph she dew herself all stiff and formal…but I told her she should smile and she broke into the most beautiful smile ever. I also dig her nose rings.

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Another vegetable lady…

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And her friend who sat next to her. I was very taken by the animal printed saree blouse.

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This was a gentle man who was selling ropes. He was very happy to pose and I love the hair coming out of his ears.


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